BANANA SEASON is a high-concept dramedy centered on an unusually beautiful relationship developed at a pivotal time in the characters’ lives. 

PETER is a little person, who's always believed he could fly like the birds his dwarfish body most closely resembles. An artist and creator, Peter is hired to paint the town’s water tower, a place he comes to see as his very own perch from which to lift off.

SUN is a talented cage fighter. He loves the energy and excitement of the fight, but finds inflicting harm on others more unbearable than simply absorbing the pain himself. He continues to lose match after match until he reconnects one fateful afternoon with Peter, whose own, somewhat parallel journey leads him in an unexpected direction.

A tale of true friendship and taking flight, BANANA SEASON is a glimpse into two ordinary souls at the point their lives when they flower or fade.  


James Kyson (Sun)

Voted by TV Guide as "Hollywood's 25 Hottest", James recently recurred on Justified (FX), and can be next seen on the new series School of Rock (Nickelodeon) and is widely known for his four year run on NBC's Heroes as 'Ando'. A native of NYC, James studied communications and broadcasting at Boston University and New England Institute of the Arts.

Pancho Moler-Pascal (Peter)

Pancho Moler-Pascal has studied with Robert Rusler, Matthew Barry, BoJesse Christopher and at the Upright Citizens Brigade, and is currently a working finalist at the world renowned Actor's Studio. Pancho’s credits include roles in Friended to Death, Real Violence, American Horror Story: Freakshow and Rob Zombie's upcoming film 31.

Brennan Stacker (Brianna)

Chicago native Brenann Stacker earned a BA in Drama at Tufts University and is a graduate of the O’Neill National Theater Institute, the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy and The School at Steppenwolf. She’s since performed onstage with the Rivendell Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre, Eclipse Theatre and Redmoon Theater. TV/film credits include Sirens, Washed, Persephone and The Origins of Wit & Humor. 

Eve Rydberg (May)

Eve Rydberg is an actor, writer and director based in Chicago. Her on-camera work includes Like the Clouds (nominated for a Young Directors Award in Cannes), Searching for Venice, award winning short film Mum, and as well as numerous national commercials. A graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul, her theatre credits include productions with The Den Theatre, The Arc Theatre, and more.

Aubrey Marquez (Sean)

Coming from Evanston Il, Aubrey Marquez started acting professionally at the age of 20. Making his way through web series, films and plays. He enjoys spending time with his son, perfecting his talent, and staying at peak physical condition.

Sommer Austin (Cynthia)

Sommer Austin received an MFA degree in Acting from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a certified Instructor of the Meisner Approach to Acting and is a co-founder of Green Shirt Studio, a Meisner training center in Chicago. Sommer performed regularly as an improviser with the team the CEO of Everything at the Playground Theater in Chicago and continues to improvise when she can.


Sanghoon Lee (Director/Writer)

A native of South Korea, Sanghoon Lee moved to the U.S. to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he pursued his MFA in Filmmaking. As a producer and cinematographer, Sanghoon completed several award-winning dramatic features and documentaries including Chicago Heights, Hogtown and Breakfast at Ina’s. Banana Season is Sanghoon’s directorial debut.

James Choi (Producer)

James Choi, a graduate of Pepperdine University, is a prolific, award-winning filmmaker with over a decade of film industry experience in both Los Angeles and Chicago. James acted as a producer on Made in China, which won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival. Other film credits include Joint Body (producer), Faith in Destiny (director) and Empty Space (director).

Terry Jun (Producer/Post Supervisor)

Designing multimedia, graphics and concept art for over a decade, Terry's expertise spans a myriad of disciplines. He is a seasoned professional behind the camera who also utilizes his skills in a variety of synergetic ways to effectively close the gap of the storytelling experience. His projects include Tron Legacy, The Red Line, Melody and the Old Sock and The Ghosts.

Corey Lillard (Director of Photography)

Corey Lillard’s path to cinematography stemmed from a deep love of photography. Originally an engineering major, Corey made the shift and immediately began working on a variety of successful narrative and documentary film projects. His credits include films such as When To Die, Newton Minow: An American Story, and Our Place.

John Chang (Writer)

An alumnus of Northwestern University, John Chang’s foray into screenwriting comes by way of a lifelong passion for fiction and verse. He has provided consultation on various poetry and short fiction projects and published book reviews to independent publishers' sites while remaining dedicated to his own works. Banana Season marks John’s screenwriting debut.

Dave Pedersen (Writer)

David W. Pedersen is an author, screenwriter, director, and founder of the Post-Recession Midwestern Surrealism Movement. He and his wife run the indie production company, Synthetic Love Films. He recently finished shooting for a feature film, Synthetic Love that he wrote and directed.



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